Vice President


Vice-President: Kathleen Francis

Hi! My name is Kathleen Francis, and I’m a senior at Jones. I am originally from Dallas, and was really into music and art (and math and physics) in high school. Now, at Rice, I play on the Jones Fast Women powderpuff team and bike for the Jones women’s Beer Bike team. I have also been doing research in the Gaber lab at Texas Children’s Hospital for the past couple years, where I mostly focus on texture analysis of MR imaging of brain tumors. My main interests lie generally in electrical engineering and computer science, so I did an internship with a software consulting company this past summer, and hope to pursue a career in the medical device industry after graduation.

Fun Facts:

  • I have three sisters and 23 first cousins.
  • I didn’t learn to ride a bike until summer after my freshman year of college.
  • My favorite thing to drink is an iced hazelnut latte with almond milk from Coffeehouse.