President: Tahir Malik

Hey everyone! My name is Tahir Malik, and I’m Rice BMES’s 2016-2017 President. I’m a senior BIOE from Houston, Texas, and I’m looking forward to great year for BMES! After my time at Rice, I plan on going to medical school. As a physician, I want to apply my bioengineering foundations to design medical devices in a global health setting. During the 2015-2016 year, I served BMES as its Treasurer, and I’m excited to bring that experience back during the 2016-2016 year. We had a fair amount of programming last year, with a focus on some new, larger events like our Design Competition, and I’m interested in continuing pushing the limits of what BMES can do for bioengineers at Rice. My goal as President of BMES is to build a strong foundation for bioengineers interested in industry, grad school, and medical school so that all BIOE’s can use BMES as a resource to find success at Rice and in their future careers.

Fun Facts:

  • I’ve held a human heart during surgery.
  • I drive a manual and love road trips!
  • I’m spending my summer in Malawi as Global Health/BIOE intern for Rice 360.