Home of the Rice chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society.
What is Rice BMES?
The Rice Biomedical Engineering Society(BMES) is a professional, academic and social club that is made up of students interested in biomedical engineering. We seek to provide guidance and information to incoming bioengineering students and build the biomedical engineering community here at Rice University and the Houston area. The club attempts to connect members to bioengineers across the nation working in industry, in medicine, and in academia.

Why Join?
The Rice Biomedical Engineering Society is a organization dedicated to support incoming freshmen who are interesting in the bioengineering major. We have a mentorship program dedicated to answering any questions that freshmen or sophomores might have.
Networking and Community
The organization offers opportunities to network with faculty in academia, engineers from industry, alumni, and peers. Joining the Rice BMES listserv is a great way to get to know information about upcoming general engineering events, competitions, and bioengineering events. Coming to our events is a great way to get to know upperclassmen, your peers, as well as professional engineers and faculty.
Leadership positions are available in Rice BMES via board positions. Elections for the BMES board are held in the spring.

In addition, there are NO DUES for Rice BMES.

Interested in becoming a member?
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